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Tuesday, September 19th, 2006
9:58 pm - Third Entry
Fucking Computer!!!

Stupid pics won't upload to become userpics!!!!

I suppose being on dial-up might be one of my probelms ( the other being I still have no clue what I'm doing!)

Computer hasn't blown up yet, so that's good...so far...

current mood: cranky

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9:37 pm - 2nd Entry (Whoo Hoo!)
Okay..I'm sitting here futzing around with my LJ trying to customize it to suit my tastes.  Quite frankly, not sure what the hell I'm doing.  

Basically I'm pressing here a button, there a button, everywhere a button, button...Hope the computer doesn't blow up in my face..

current mood: busy

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7:30 pm - First Post Ever (How Original - lol)
Well..Slowly but surely my ass is being dragged into the 21st century.

First a cell phone (bought in August 2006) and now a LiveJournal account. Where will it all end?

Nothing exciting happening today; just laundry and cleaning the house. To be honest I've been putting both things off for a while and I finally got inspired to actually clean things (I'm very shocked at myself!)

It is now 7:33pm EST and I am impatiently waiting for NCIS' season premiere - which I will be taping (gotta find a blank VHS tape - no TiVo or DVD recorder for me yet -plain ol' VCR does the job just fine and I'm fine with it - although I do have a cheap $35.00 DVD player).

So tomorrow is my birthday (Yay me! and hopefully my sister remembered to get me SGA's Season 1 DVD's) I'll find out tomorrow. The DVD's are the only thing I'm looking forward to about tomorrow. I could actually care less that it's my birthday - I so do not need annual reminders of my approaching decrepitude (Heaves a heavy sigh)

So..for a first post, not too shabby, but nothing too exciting either.

Ta ta for now...

current mood: conflicted

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