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First Post Ever (How Original - lol)

Well..Slowly but surely my ass is being dragged into the 21st century.

First a cell phone (bought in August 2006) and now a LiveJournal account. Where will it all end?

Nothing exciting happening today; just laundry and cleaning the house. To be honest I've been putting both things off for a while and I finally got inspired to actually clean things (I'm very shocked at myself!)

It is now 7:33pm EST and I am impatiently waiting for NCIS' season premiere - which I will be taping (gotta find a blank VHS tape - no TiVo or DVD recorder for me yet -plain ol' VCR does the job just fine and I'm fine with it - although I do have a cheap $35.00 DVD player).

So tomorrow is my birthday (Yay me! and hopefully my sister remembered to get me SGA's Season 1 DVD's) I'll find out tomorrow. The DVD's are the only thing I'm looking forward to about tomorrow. I could actually care less that it's my birthday - I so do not need annual reminders of my approaching decrepitude (Heaves a heavy sigh)

So..for a first post, not too shabby, but nothing too exciting either.

Ta ta for now...
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